07 July, 2011

questioning lucky logic: the premiere

do you guys read lucky magazine?

may i ask... why? i don't mean to belittle the choice to read it. i read it myself, almost every month! but i just can't figure out why.....

with the exception of jean godfrey-june, who is my hands down favorite beauty writer, i just can't find any really redeeming features in this magazine. the writing is so juvenile as to be practically insulting, the styling is incredibly safe, boring and middle of the road (a la in style, another of my un-favorites), and the product features honestly seem like the same thing every single month.

however.... come the end of the month, i eventually find myself pulling an issue off of the magazine stand (after having already devoured vogue, elle, glamour, nylon, vanity fair and maybe, maybe marie claire).

this time, it was easier to justify than usual, since christina hendricks is on the cover.

perhaps my undying affection for the cover lady allowed me to finally uncover the root of my attraction to this publication......

i love love love to make fun of it!

i thoroughly enjoy sitting on my couch, scoffing at the silly use of language, and imagining who on earth would ever wear the somewhat witless fashion combos that their editors put together.

sooo..... since it's more fun to make fun together.... i thought i'd start a new (potentially regular) feature for this blog.

with no further ado... join me, below:

"roundup". giddy-up cowgirls! (oh, you cowgirls just wait for brunch-time...)

also- if this is what you wear for the next four days, you are officially dead to me.

an $18 bag that always adds polish?

as my l.a, noire playing husband would say......


i am also not a fan of that plastic-y "faux leather" bag paired with ballet-pink patent flats. but i'll let that slide..... especially once you take off the cheap polyester blazer.

omg. are you going on a date with joey buttafuoco?? in that case, i do think that a faux leather skirt will be perfect. otherwise...... wait, are you the nanny?

right..... all things from forever 21, h&m, gap, old navy, kohl's, american eagle and payless are absolutely unique.*


ok, ok. nothing too bad here. nothing too exciting, either.

i'm imagining the military jacket, romper and boots to be pretty bad on most people, but there are certainly some m.o.d.'s that could pull it off....

please! please please please send me photos of groups of girls eating sunday brunches in outfits like these!

minus the boots, i am thinking that these are more appropriate for the rodeo? 5-year-olds? prom?

*don't get me wrong- i think it's absolutely great to mix pieces from these high street/fast fashion brands in with vintage, second hand, re-worked or higher end pieces. as you know, these used to be my lifeblood!

so, friends..... am i being too harsh? is this the way that american girls dress?

or is this the way you read your lucky too? if it is, and you enjoyed the above.... let me know. i'm sorta considering fully embracing my catty-ness, getting myself a subscription, and sharing my incredulity here each month.

it's kinda of cathartic.

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