08 July, 2011

blast from the past?

ok, i don't really know what to think about this.

chanel put up their fall couture show in paris a couple of days ago. i wasn't super-in-love with it, but when i looked at the full collection, the color palate brought me directly back to a collection that i worked on with catherine malandrino, for fall 2007.

see for yourself....

chanel fall 2011:

malandrino fall 2007:

just looking at this comparison you can see that there's, well, no comparison in terms of who is a better designer.... (although i was not particularly impressed by chanel, unfortunately.)

but it's pretty crazy to me how similar the colors are.

anyone want to take a guess as to why?


  1. FWIW: There may be no comparison for you, but I can't tell who you mean — I suspect you mean Chanel, but to my fashion-ignorant but designer's eye, looking at teensy pix, CM's look more original and contemporary than Chanel's...