01 June, 2011

the results of my labor

quite a while ago, i wrote a couple of blogs about a trip that i took to china, for work.

i mentioned at that point that it would be a long time until i could share with you the project that i was working on. but now i can!

below is the collection of sandals that i designed for the simply vera by vera wang* collection at kohl's:

although this line is not designed by what i would personally wear, i am very proud of them. i designed and executed these styles very very quickly, and they look exactly like what we expected.

i'm disappointed that i won't get to continue to work with the kohl's team on this project. i really enjoyed working with them, and i think the collaboration worked out nicely.

if you need a cheap little pair of sandals to wear to a summer wedding, or other event, and want a little bling, i think these guys fit the bills. you can click on the photos about to buy, if you're so inclined ;)

*oops. you didn't think ms. wang did all that design work by herself, did you? hope i didn't burst anyone's bubble!


  1. NICE! I like that top pair...they would be perfect for a summer wedding I have on the books. :-)

  2. this is awesome. especially because kohl's is my mom's favorite place to shop, and she is always talking about their vera wang collection. she may already own a pair of these!