15 June, 2012

calling b.s.

here's a category you've seen on this blog before.

you may remember my critiques of lucky magazine, which was a regular feature here on the blog, once upon a time. i think i need to bring that back....

but the other "publication" that is getting to be a regular offender in the competition for most-ridiculous-editorial-piece is refinery 29.

one of today's features is called "the budget guide to making your apartment look expensive", and i couldn't help but share some of the products that tom dunn of overbey & dunn suggests you purchase (presumably from his store), in order to fancy-up your place.....

if my sarcastic tone hasn't already made it clear.... i think these suggestions are completely ridiculous:

really? a d.i.y. tie-die kit is going to make your house look expensive?

smell nice, maybe..... but i'm picturing a pile of laundry in the corner, with the wafting aroma of fancy candle, and i'm not getting a super luxurious vibe.

first, this is ugly. second...... ugh. i sound like a broken record. how does an APRON make your house look good!?

what artwork you put on your walls is fully a personal decision, but why would a person recommend a wall hanging that mimics a cheap child's toy? i think the image is actually very cool, but again....

how does a cardboard jigsaw puzzle make your place feel upscale?

no. animal butt magnets are NOT chic. 


in defense of refinery 29's staff, i will say that delores suarez's suggestions in the second half of the piece are much more reasonable....

but i find it so annoying to be fed this kind of drivel.

girls who read fashion magazines and sites are not stupid! why do editors so often treat us like we are?

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