25 July, 2011

girl fight!

do you guys ever read refinery 29?

it's a pretty cute little online fashion magazine, headquartered (i believe) in chicago. they do "local" coverage of chicago, nyc and la.

in general, i would say it's safe to say that fashion magazines (either traditional or online versions) are prone to hyperbole. however, sometimes it's just too much.

check out this feature from late last week on refinery 29:

(image courtesy of refinery 29)

ok, cool. this lady sounds pretty hip.

but wait!! it's only been 4 days! she's been usurped!

(image courtesy of refinery 29)

jeannie lee might be one of the most stylish.... but apparently des kohan is tops.

glad we got that settled. i'm sure we'll be safe from the "most stylish" owner of a store in l.a. until at least....


man. i hope kate mulling is more faithful to friends and lovers that she is with retail proprietors!

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