03 August, 2011

calm me down.

is this normal?

(i don't mean the amount of dust.)

this is the top of the bureau that i share with my husband. i didn't touch it before i shot the photos. the collar stays and cufflinks in the two small boxes at the foreground of the first image belong to him, but (obviously) everything else is mine.

is this insane? or, does this look semi-familiar?


  1. The top of my vanity dresser looks very similar....but I don't live with my boyfriend so I really can't compare it to your situation.

    Regardless, I'm totally stealing your idea of using a San Pellegrino bottle as a bracelet holder - I love it!

  2. all too familiar. : )

  3. jodene - in the far background you can kind of see that i use another bottle (that of sofia blanc de blanc from coppola vineyards, left over from my wedding) as ANOTHER bracelet holder. i think it's actually the prettier of the two.....

  4. I sooo wish i had that many bracelets, but i do have way more necklaces and earrings cluttering my dresser. They just take up less space. I just think its a matter of choosing an accessory that is bulky. I seriously wish I had such a problem!