02 August, 2011

another day, another find

and today, i have spent most of the morning attending print and textile trade shows. oh, the exciting life of a freelancer!

i met ana romero, who is a lovely lady, and a terrific surface & print designer, who just moved to nyc from portugal. i had spent a few minutes with her, drooling over the gorgeous designs, when i spotted a bowl full of iphone cases.

now, we'll have to back up for a minute, because i don't think i've addressed my phone situation here on this blog (lucky you guys). the short version of the story is that i still have an iphone 3g, and it's dying, gets horrible service, does crazy things and is generally unreliable. which is not good for a freelancer.

but i'm waiting for the next generation. which no one seems to know when to expect.

about 6 months ago, i gave my shiny turquoise case to my dad, because i felt guilty when he told me "that's the exact shade of turquoise which is my favorite color, ever". obviously, he had to have it.

since then, i've been looking for another case that struck my fancy. until today, no luck.

but check out this amazing one, designed by ana:

this was my favorite, but all of them were excellent. i'm sorry i didn't think to photograph each one for you guys!

ana just started making these, so they're not up on her website yet, but she told me that she'll be putting them up there soon.

and hopefully, once the new iphone comes out, i'll be able to replace this one with another one of her designs. but in the meantime, my old g3 is looking pretty good!

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