05 August, 2011

your thoughts here

i've mentioned before that i've been freelancing for the past few months.

well, you won't be surprised that steady work is trumped by a feast or famine situation....

and right now it's a feast.

of work.

which means i haven't had the time to put together ideas for a blog post....

and while i know you regular readers are not so fond of commenting.....

(you know i am obsessed with look at the stats on my blog, so i know you're reading, my little mutes!)

leave a question, comment, idea or exquisite corpse starting phrase in the comments, and i promise i will address every damned one of them by monday.

c'mon! make me regret this offer!!!

(i'm not in shanghai. this was just the closest piece of paper i had to the keyboard.)

1 comment:

  1. I read via RSS, in the minute spare moments of my life these days. I always love hearing/seeing the stuff you are making. Have you ever handmade a pair of shoes? I've always wanted to try it.