12 August, 2010

fly away...

dear readers,

are you still there?

i would like to extend my most sincere apologies for neglecting this blog over the past week or so. my "day job" has absolutely taken over my life, with an emergency design project, and now, the subsequent trip to china.

i've designed a bunch of sandals for a big american retailer, and now i'll fly to china to oversee the sample making. i'll be gone for about a week, and it'll be very busy, with lots of work. 

i'll post some photos if i can.

the upshot is that i fly directly back to los angeles for four days after this grueling asia trip. it'll be really nice to be able to recover from jetlag in the california sun, visit some good friends & continue the study of my favorite subject- la vs nyc fashion.

you can count on some photos or impressions from that leg of the trip, without a doubt.


1 comment:

  1. I'm still here, babe!! Have a safe trip, don't stress too much, and enjoy the sun and fun in LA. Can't wait to see photos.