14 August, 2010


today was my first day (of this trip) in asia.

we're in hong kong, and we came here in order to buy a shitload of materials and trims for the project we'll be working on for the next few days in the sample rooms of fuzhou, china.

it was about 93 fahrenheit, or more, with like, one bazillion percent humidity. so, that was hot.

i won't be able to show you photos of any of the shoes that we actually make for a super long time...

but here's a photo of a bunch of trims that i didn't buy, but that kinda made me homesick:

the problem with hong kong is that (at least in the trims market) they really really really like things to be blingy! and shiny! and sparkly!

but we happened to be looking for things that were very very matte. or at least multi-textured. we actually did pretty well, but my eyes are literally exhausted by the combo of exhaust fumes & light reflections from cheap metallic plated gigantic sequins.

here's a photo of my favorite building in the area where we were shopping, sham shui po:

i really love the multi green color and lots of textures, especially compared to the really pink buildings on either side.

maybe i just really dug it because it didn't have a shiny, sparkly finish?

tomorrow will be my first full day off since august 1. the whole time will be spent with my boss, more or less, but i am so so so looking forward to just sitting by the pool...

please, god, let this forecast of rain not be correct...

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