30 May, 2011

the past is past

about a million years ago (back in march), my husband and i spent a bunch of days in los angeles. uncharacteristically, the weather was pretty horrible, and it rained a lot.

so, one of the things that we wound up doing was going to see the fashioning fashion exhibit, at lacma.

i meant to write a much more timely post about it, when we got home, so that those of you in so cal, or visiting so cal could check it out, if you were so inclined. it was definitely seeing.

but if you're captivated by my crappy iphone snaps, and absolutely have to see photos that actually capture the quality and detail of these garments, you can buy the catalogue.

which i saw.
it's nice. i kinda wish i'd bought one.

but, here are a few of the things that were pretty cool to look at:

beautiful kimono. obviously.

i'm still puzzling over how one would make a pattern for this dress (above & below)

my best laura ingalls dreams come true.... with an amazingly modern (rachel comey?) print.

i love how they showed this corset, hanging in midair. it looked so much like an insect, or skeletal element. it also really reminded me of the rodarte tutus, which were exhibited across town at the same time...

i'm so sorry about the shittiness of this photo. but the intricate corset lacings were some of the best looking and most abstract & inspiring things in the exhibit. (and a decent reason to buy the catalogue.)

also some pretty awesome and inspiring things to stick under your skirt! ;)

i totally fell in love with the florals on this dress...

hand embroidered piece. (i can't remember what it's function was!)

a gorgeous smock.... for a young boy.

an evening bag that i literally couldn't tear myself away from...

and another that i'd willingly accept as a substitute for the first.

breathtaking hand-embroidered ball gown

and a couple of buckles for shoes.

aaaah! i'm so glad that we spent a rainy afternoon inside at lacma, rather than a sunny one out at the beach.... this exhibit was amazing!

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