22 April, 2012

spring wishes

i've been wanting a new leather bag for spring / summer, but i've been really hoping to find something super clean and minimally designed...

i've checked all of the usual suspects, and haven't found a style that i'm really excited by.

and then, somehow i stumbled on to what i think is just the right thing, in quite a surprising place:


yes, the company that started out making durable bags for carrying groceries is now using leather to make really simple, basic..... perfect summer bags!

i really want a white or off-white leather bag, but i'm not sure this is the right style for it. i'm afraid it will just get totally trashed.

i'm thinking about the apricot color..... although that mint color is kind of tempting, huh?

what color would you get?


  1. really? it's not too trendy?

  2. no, it's awesome in that shape! love the white too but agree that it will get dirty very fast.