24 April, 2012

the new arm party

until this afternoon, i desperately needed a haircut.

and it's a good thing for you that i did.....

because lo & behold... yesterday evening, i very unintentionally invented the update to the we're-all-pretty-sick-of-it fashion obsession.

please observe.... the hair party:

(holy crap. it's crazy how much i am turning into my mother...)

just as easy as the arm party... in fact, easier.


-easier to type while wearing
-hold your hairs back so you're able to walk, bike & drive safely

-harder for a street style photographer to include clearly in a shot of your whole look

whatever, marketing is not my strong suit.

ok..... let's make an awesome g.i.s. page of hair parties, huh?



  1. so pretty! and excellent points on safety. i'm going to get this party started tonight!

  2. yes! send photos! :) i think this will look even prettier on long-haired girls.....