21 April, 2012

coachella #6 - the ace

as you may have already guessed, i didn't actually go to the coachella valley music & arts festival.

i was actually sent out to the desert, in order to cover the event for a client, for whom i shoot street style photos.... unfortunately, since my press pass never came through, i wasn't able to go see the shows. so, my coachella experience was limited to one day.... and not much music.

however, the ace hotel was kind enough to let me use their digs as a home base for the day, which was great.... everyone loves the ace, and as i was there on the first day of the festival, it was nice and quiet, and a great place to grab some lunch and chill...

it was such a nice day, that i must say, i can't wait to go back for a full coachella weekend, next year. press pass be damned- i'll figure out my own way in!

the ace was host to a fun pop up store featuring the collaboration between steven harrington & generic surplus:

they had a really fun and huge kaleidoscope, which i was encouraged to use as a ridiculous lens, through which to see & photograph the store.... 

pretty rad, huh?

i'd never heard of steven harrington before, but really loved the opportunity to get to know his work better.....

why didn't i buy one of these bandana??

(image courtesy of generic surplus)

damn it.

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