03 April, 2012

autobiography of an obsession

i always say to my friends that if i'm telling them i "hate" a particular article of clothing, that i'll definitely wind up wearing it within the next few months.

i'm a chameleon, and it really drives me crazy when there is something going on in fashion that i can't wrap my head around.... even if i don't wear the thing in the way others are, i have to find a way to make it work for me.

obviously this comes with some mixed results. a certain oversized yellow cashmere sweater has just been banned by my husband.....

sometimes, this transition happens really quickly.

a couple of weeks ago, this photo of mandy moore started circulating:

and there was a lot of focus on the shoes. which are jenni kayne's d'orsay flats.

i'm not generally a fan of the d'orsay. the name connotes the upper being made in two pieces- the heel counter, and the vamp. there are no sides to a d'orsay shoe.

sometimes i like a half-d'orsay, especially when the opening is on the inside, instead of the outside. like these, from phillip lim:

but in general, i feel like d'orsays conjure up images of barbie shoes, for me..... especially in pink!

but there was something about that photo that really stuck in my mind. i really liked that the pointed toe shape made them a bit edgier. and i love the really high vamp..... it sort of denies any barbie connotations, right?

but..... pink suede?

yes, they come in other colors....

but i wasn't entirely convinced, until i saw this photo, on the blog stop it right now:



this is the way to wear these shoes. without any hint of girlie affectation..... they have the best combo of coolness and not-trying-hard-ness.

i've been flashing back to this photo in my mind since i saw it last week..... i cannot. get. it. out. of. my. mind.

since i have yet to find the perfect pair of black leather pants, i don't think that the black leather pair is for me.....

but i'm seriously thinking about the navy suede pair....

what do you think?

and why does it take me so long to just own up to liking something!?


  1. Haha... did you get them yet? The black leather and navy suede are really nice. I still dunno about the pink suede...

  2. yeah, pink suede isn't gonna happen.... i'm leaning toward navy suede, but also trying to save my pennies these days.

    i also have my eye on a couple of styles that i actually designed! so, gotta see how the budgeting chips fall! ;)