28 March, 2012

prints of fabrics

yesterday, i attended the la textile show. since i usually focus on leathers as my main material in my design work, it was really fun to walk the show, and see all of the prints, textiles, textures and effects. here are some fun photos of some of the more..... uh...

attention getting things that i saw!

how cute is this!? i want it for a shower curtain, when i own a house in hawaii.

in case you need any inspiration for a print-mixed ensemble....

the above would both be great for a modern day joan of arc look, i think.

cutesy stuff. maybe nice for some housewares. napkins?

oooooh, i'm so into a lot of these, but particularly the one on the bottom left!

remember raves?

remember rupaul?

remember monsoon wedding!?

remember, uh..... the best & worst of the 70's and 90's?

this photo does NOT do this fabric justice. these are 3D appliques that are woven into the fabric. i am seriously in love with this. i would never wear it. what could i do with it!?

many of the above materials were part of wgsn's trend presentation, and all of them should be considered good reasons to check out the show again next season!

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  1. maybe you could cover a small section of wall with it? i looove the hawaii one. i'd totally wear that shower curtain.