07 August, 2011

aimee's thoughts here

ok, only aimee has a question. fair enough.

here it is:

"have you ever handmade a pair of shoes? i've always wanted to try it."

here's the answer:

i have made some pairs of shoes in my life. most of them have been made with some sort of machinery, whether it's a sewing machine, or some of the more technical shoe-making things like grinders, etc:

(the last one is a shoe for kids- i made it as part of my graduation project at f.i.t.)

i have to admit, it's not my favorite thing. it's pretty labor intensive, and can require a lot of wrestling with leather. 

i kind of like re-making shoes. you can see a pair that i did here.

however, the brooklyn authority on making AND remaking shoes is kat:

check out her blog for how to redo things yourself, or take her class at third ward.


  1. Ahh!! I remember loving those silver shoes when you were making them. They still look awesome!

    Thanks for the super nice shout out:)

  2. dude, those silver shoes are super cool.

  3. I love the silver shoes! Have you ever worn them out? I've never seen them.