24 August, 2011

sounds like a watch, but just watch.....

i recently had a lovely little package show up at my house, courtesy of the folks at sseko.

the name sseko is pronounced just like the name seiko, but i was happy that my package did not contain a calculator watch. (tho, i am terribly bad at math. perhaps i should consider one....)

in fact, it contained a cute and novel pair of shoes.

the idea behind the company is pretty terrific- the shoes themselves are made in two separate parts. the bottom, which is a basic tiny wedged rubber sandal, and any number of different fabric straps.

the novel thing about them is that they can be tied any number of different ways, with any number of different straps. so, you've (kind of) got new shoes every day!

sseko works with women in uganda to make these shoes, and encourages their customers to get involved.

slow fashioned (my other internet writing locale) is doing so by partnering with sseko in their "30 ways / 30 days" contest.

so, i've been playing with my new shoes, and coming up with some pretty fun ways to wear them:

at first things went pretty simply:


at first i was loving the red straps that sseko provided. i even created my own "tie" in the third photo.

i played around with adding straps made of suede, which i found a bit more comfortable, since they had the natural stretchiness of leather....

playing with the thin and thick choices of straps (by twisting) made for a more girly look, which was nice.....

and then i really hit on what i think will be my signature sseko look:

conbo straps and crazy bows! 

the sseko bottoms are a little bit chunky for my tastes, and since my foot is a bit narrow, they look a bit too heavy on me....

the combo of the leather and fabric straps is great- a little flex in the front, and a little more hold around the ankle.

now that i've mastered some serious twisting and tying, i think i might try to start incorporating some other objects into the mix? i tried to use some bangles as ornaments, but they are just to darned big.

any suggestions? 

now that i've got a good material mix going on here, i think my ssekos are gonna be super comfy for running around the city....

now, if it would just stop RAINING in nyc.....


  1. I like these! They remind me of these plastic shoes I had when I was a kid with different colored laces you could tie in different ways. But these are the way nicer and classier version. I like your bows!

  2. I like the shoes, and is that RGB grey on your toes?

  3. uh, no... it's an essie color. i'm terrible with names. i've never tried rgb, but want to. what's the name of that girl they just did a collaboration with?

    see? bad with names.