25 August, 2011

gross for kids, but good for fashion victims?

so, i've heard a lot of buzz around the blogosphere about these miu miu glittery, crystal-ed up sneakers:

and i'll admit..... if i weren't so loyal to the all-star silhouette, i'd be sort of tempted.

but wait. i feel like i've seen these sort of things before.......

oh right, on lelli kelly, the sneakers that all grown ups seem to think are too gross and disgusting for their daughters to wear, but of course, all the daughters want to wear them:

seems to me that the miu miu's are just grown up lelli kellies!

i can't wait to see a mom & daughter walking down the street with both on. i'm thinking this will happen in los angeles, fairly frequently....

la readers, if you see this, send a photo!!

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