26 August, 2011

the other warehouse sale

to distract myself from the mounting hurricane that *will not* be disrupting my vacation travel plans tomorrow morning, yesterday i went to the bird warehouse sale.

i am a devotee of the store, having moved into the carroll gardens neighborhood at approximately the same time the boutique did.

they do a bang-up job at buying for the whole dang place, but i have always had an affection for their shoe selection.....

however, i've been trying to reign in the spending this summer, so most of my visits have been for browsing, inspiration & window shopping only.

but of course i had my favorites...... and i set off the warehouse sale with cautious optimism that at least one of the two pair of shoes that i'd been coveting would be available....

although the twitterer at bird (bird tweets. obviously.) had mentioned that ladies had started lining up an hour before opening, i arrived at the twenty-minute countdown, and found no one there.

i'm not too impressed with um, exaggerating the truth in order to cajole people to come and stand outside in the rain for no reason at all.... but, like i said, i'm a devotee, so i didn't make too much of a fuss.

and i'm glad i didn't. once i got into the store, jen mankins and her lovely & friendly staff were excellent hosts, and steered me right toward the shoes.....

and the two pair that i'd been dreaming of:

they will both be coming with me, my two pair of acne jeans, earnest sewn cut off jeans shorts, james linen pants, 10 t shirts & tank tops, gap denim button down, printed cotton button down shirt from layla, white peasant blouse, alc maroon jersey dress, two scarves, blazer, white converses and blue flat sandals from topshop on the....

plane to portland, which will be taking off from newark airport tomorrow at 7 am. 

after which time, hurricane irene can do what it likes with the new york tri state area.

yes, i'm already packed.

--- this post now concludes "shoe week". i hope you have enjoyed it as much as i have ---

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  1. can't *wait* to see those pretty shoes on your pretty feet. amazing score.