04 February, 2011

nyc vintage show

today, adrienn and i went to the first day of the new york vintage show.

it's basically an opportunity for vintage stores around the country to come and show their wares to the snootiest and most high brow customers in the nation- new yorkers.

and, it's also an opportunity for the snootiest and most high brow customers to have access to well-curated vintage collections, all in one place, marked up accordingly.

needless to say, it was very fun.

i picked out this coat for adrienn, but she found a black monkey hair one that suited her better.

god, is it ever fun to try on hats?

i really really wanted to buy the one with the fruit on it, but it was a bit out of my price range.

i also fell in love with a peacock feather hat that reminded me how much i loved the prada version from spring 05, but the shape was just a little weird.

i didn't find anything to take home with me, but i had so much fun looking at the beautiful pieces, and seeing designers (like the vena cava girls), models (like irina lazareanu) and awesome, iconic fashion journalists (like lynn yaeger!) shop and get excited about what they found.

i also ran into an old boss who i love, and met a really nice friend of adrienn's.

oh, and all the old crazy ladies who were wearing too much makeup all loved me! that was great. they all told me what i should buy and wear.

it was great. i can't think of a better way to have spent the day.

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