01 February, 2011

glitter pants


so, i'm doing a ton of research on 90's club kids for a project that i'm about to start. the original idea is that those customized platforms that everyone used to put on their sneakers & docs.....

are totally where are the new shapes in a lot of the spring footwear came from:

i'm super excited about this, since i always loved these wedgey shapes and fun bright colors & sparkles.

in general, i love the whole fun, bright party vibe for spring. after this long snowy winter, i think we here in nyc will be ready for it.

i remember being in nyc during the early 90's, and it was so fun and inspiring to roam around the streets, and see club kids dressed in their crazy looks.


i'm always wondering when ny-ers are going to step it up and return to that level of creative dressing.... jenny's* particular style isn't necessarily my cup of tea, but if you need any inspiration for bright colors, dramatic accessories, and high platforms, start here:


and end here:

* 2/2/11- oops! continuity error! i had written a little passage about nyc club kid jenny talia, and then deleted it, because it was kind of tangential. 


  1. Blogs also need a "like" button.

  2. no those styles the modern version were already around before the 90´s
    get a fucking clue
    all this revisionist history on blogs is beyond fucking annoying