04 January, 2011

details, details....

have i mentioned to you how much i've been enjoying writing this blog?

the reason that i started to write it was as a reminder to myself of how much i love fashion, and style, and the opportunities that we all have to express ourselves with the way we look every day.

sometimes that excitement extends to other things- like an amazing meal,  an eclectic home, or something that just strikes me as funny.

as far as i'm concerned, those are the things that bring some style into our every day lives. i love the stories behind things, even if we don't know what those stories are.... just make them up for yourself!

today i find myself wearing a funny little combo.

yesterday, i was inspired to start wearing white thermal shirts again. these were a staple for me in high school, and somehow, i'd completely forgotten about them. perhaps it's my (very atypical) tanned skin, that got me reconsidering white.

but of course, i was heading out to work today, and realized that i probably shouldn't be a carbon copy of my 16 year old self, olive green cargo pants, included.

thank god for a high-low mix. a couple of necklaces solve the problem:

the shorter one is a family heirloom. it's very very pale pink coral beads, on a hand knotted strand. it belonged to my paternal grandmother, and i wore it on my wedding day.

the longer one is a piece of plastic chain that i bought a trims store here in manhattan, and paid about $1.35 for. 

i've never worn them together, but i love the combo.

the shirt, btw, is a men's bvd long sleeved thermal undershirt.

i'm feeling very much like myself in this combo today, and so i thought i'd share it.

maybe it'll inspire you to try a new high-low combo? or maybe to leave a comment, describing a favorite combo that makes you feel particularly like yourself.

or maybe you'll just think it's funny. which is surely ok by me....

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