08 January, 2011

i want.

thanks to style bubble, i have a new apparel line to be excited about...

and conveniently enough, william okpo is based in brooklyn*, and sold at opening ceremony, which means that i might actually be able to get my hands on some of these spring pieces.

there are so many things that i dig about these lookbook photos:

i love that the photos were obviously taken in the designers' home/studio, i love the asymmetrical sleeve length on the last dress, i love the styling of all of the looks, including the color or the socks, and the fact that they used obviously used & beat up shoes for each.

and what's that!? i actually own those red lace up boots. so, should i be lucky enough to ever hang one of these lovelies in my closet... they'll be perfect for those sleepy mornings when i can't be bothered to do any interesting styling of my own. 

oh, and i really appreciate the fact that one of the designers actually works at the o.c. store. i worked in retail for so long before i became a designer, and i really think it's worthwhile experience. i'd be willing to bet that the wearability of these looks has a lot to do with the fact that there is direct interaction between the designer and the retail customer.

and it's awesome that o.c. is supporting one of their own.

"concrete jungle where dreams are made, oh there's nothing you can't do" indeed!

*that's where i live!

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