03 January, 2011

pounding the pavement

i'm back from lovely hawaii!

although it was hard to leave the peace and quiet of molokai, i am very happy to be home in nyc. there's nothing like the feeling of coming back to this, my favorite city. the cab ride from the airport always reminds us of all the things we love about this town.

one things we missed while we were gone last week was.... snowpocalypse!

and so, it is without regret that i that i transition from my favorite summer sandals to....

my warm and cozy no 6 shearling clog boots!

so happy to be back. i'm ready to tackle new years resolutions, job challenges, the cold wind and snow. cozy comfy reliability.... it comes via clog boots, living room fires, awesome friends and an amazing husband.

welcome, 2011!

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