15 August, 2010


so, here i am, in mainland china.

aaaaand... duh. no access to blogger. it is a google product after all.

you guys may recall how china feels about google. so, i'm trying to be clever, and post this via email. i guess you'll know if i've been successful.

here's the thought for the day:

as we were getting off the plane, i was approached by two of four other white people on our flight. they asked where were were from, and we started chatting a bit.

turns out that they're from southern washington state, and are in china for the first time (and maybe outside of the states for the first time??) in order to adopt a child.

they're from a very small town, not particularly close to either of the giant metropolises of portland or seattle, and they have come to the city of fuzhou to adopt a child.

a two and a half year old deaf boy, who they have been working for four and a half years to adopt. this couple was so excited, and so nervous and scared, that they were just so happy to have some other americans to talk to and sympathize with. they were giddy....

i'm not sure that i've ever seen anything so heartwarming in my whole life. they had be eating out of the palms of their hands.

i didn't even get their names, semi-intentionally, because i thought i might be tempted to ask for email addresses, and thus pester them, and ask for updates on how the kid was doing, and ask if they need a godmother for him...

so, i just left it at "congrats & good luck!"

totally inspiring....

i really hope this story doesn't get censored.

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