21 May, 2012

pencil me in!

do you see what you're looking at, here?

it's a teeny tiny alphabet, carved from pencil graphite by sculptor, dalton ghetti.

how awesome is that?

i was a total pencil biter when i was a kid, and i love how these itty bitty pencil stumps remind me of the battered and nibbled nubs of pencils that were usually the only thing i had available to write with, in elementary school.....

i also had a short-lived interest in whittling, when i was a little older than my pencil-biting stage, so my mind is utterly blown by these minis.

how is this one even possible???


  1. the last one is two halves of the same pencil!

  2. i know! he had to carve all of those little chain links away from the pencil! so insane....