23 May, 2012

cut it out!

last night, i wore a dress that i haven't worn in a really long time....

it was a piece from the very first collection by yelena konovolova, an old friend from nyc.

the line was called cut-it-out, and the first collection's name was "dolls".

i threw the dress on with a pair of old red converse high tops.....

and t hen realized the outfit was pretty darned similar to the one yelena herself wore, to model the dress on her website, back in 2007:

i can't believe it's been five years!

yelena owns a new business now called eye dazzler, which specializes in prints. i actually blogged about it once....

she's super talented, obviously.

thanks, yelena, for the awesome dress, and the little trip down memory lane!

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