10 May, 2012

do it myself

do you guys remember this?

well, i've been in los angeles now for six months, and still haven't gotten all that shit in order.... most of my jewelry has been kind of lying around in piles. so, i pull out the same 5 pieces and wear them. the other million pieces remain in piles.

so, yesterday, i finally got inspired to put together the self-designed necklace wrangler that i'd had in my mind for week....

and it totally scrambled my brain and my lens.

just kidding!

here's a better photo:

i basically went to home depot, found the prettiest piece of wood i could find, asked the nice man to cut it into two piece that were 15.5" wide. 

then i came home and realized that my bookshelf is only about 15.25" wide, or a little less. oops.

i screwed these cup hooks in a planned by not conspicuously measured fashion....

then i used some crazy industrial strength tape that my husband has, for some reason, and stuck em right up there.

and now i can remember all the little pretties i have....

and maybe finally be inspired to wear that marni x h&m necklace at some point!?

now, as soon as i get all those rings, bracelet and earrings sorted out..... i'll let you know.


  1. excellent idea! looks great! i love that grey fabric necklace. you wore it to our little july 4th picnic last year. also, that coral one is super cool. i keep my rings and earrings in this: http://www.muji.us/store/storage/acrylic-cases/acrylic-case-with-3-drawers.html
    it's nice to see all the sparkly, pretty things inside.

  2. Dude, this looks awesome! You've inspired me to get my necklace shit in order, too.