27 February, 2012

elmidae gets it right

long time readers may remember one of my serious fashion pet peeves- fashion stylists who try to create a "ballet" inspired look using models.

you can read about some more and less successful iterations thereof.

refinery 29 recently did a feature on a chicago designer who blends the best of both worlds perfectly....

here are a few images pulled from elmidae's spring lookbook:

(photos courtesy of refinery 29 / elmidae)

the model is clearly either a dancer, or someone who has spent plenty of time en pointe*.

i love how the photographer has done a great job at showing off the clothing, the styling, and the quirkiness of the girl's gesture....

i love that they stylist didn't try to make her look like a ballerina, but just used her training as reference, and used the idea of ballet in a very modern way.

bravo, elmidae! a very nice job at something that is very hard to achieve!

*wow, i just found this amazing image of what it's (kinda) like to be en pointe:

(photo courtesy of the fallout girl)

you can probably get a pretty good idea why most models wouldn't be quite read for this kind of torture, just to get a legit looking shot for a fashion shoot!

and boy oh boy, does it make me glad i gave up dancing when i did!

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  1. Yes! I remember that post well!
    Glad to see the more positive follow up:)