29 June, 2011

thank you, post man

it's pretty rare that i get anything in the actual mail that is exciting these days.

(i'm kind of over netflix, now that there's netflix instant.)

but today, my mail man brought me something beautiful....

the new york city ballet 2011-12 season calendar, complete with fashion-magazine quality styled photo shoot of the dancers.

i love it.

it took a serious amount of scanning/ photoshopping skills to make these photos look this good (as some of them were quite tiny on the printed page), so i thought i'd add a couple directly from the website of the photographer, henry leutwyler, which look a hell of a lot better:

i love love love the combination of vpl pieces, with more traditional dance likes like kd. the colors are just terrific.

most of you probably don't know that i spent the first 16 years of my life training to be a professional ballet dancer, so it's really nice for me to see this intersection between a couple of my life's passions: dance and style.

does anyone know who styled this shoot?? i want to write a thank you email!!


however, as excited as i am about this, i don't want y'all to forget about my contest! the competition is pretty tame right now, and you've only got a day or so left! 

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  1. gorgeous!!! the knits! i love this.