21 September, 2011

nyfw #15 - the end

this is the very last of my street style photos from new york fashion week.

i wanted to give you guys an idea of what it's actually like outside the tents.

there are many little klatches of women, either looking very busy with their phones, or intensely discussing schedules (professional, extra curricular, personal), or both.

and even more groups of young girls rushing out of some of their first shows, and back to their offices. they're sort of giddy (these two on the left), and sort of trying to look cool (the two on the right, with the "fuck you, who are you taking my photo" faces).

and then there are the crowds of street style photographers.

when a show isn't just about to start, or just ending, the plaza is pretty quiet. the photographers actually wind up photographing each other, out of boredom.

then, when the show finishes, all the photographers rush to get the best subjects, pull them aside and start clicking away:

(not sure who the photographer is, but the subject is nadia, from froufrouu)

or, they just gang up and all photograph the same person at once....

(i had just finished taking this guy's photo, when all the other photographers started to gang up)

spending the day around this kind of craziness is definitely something that i enjoy doing for a few hours, a couple of times a year!

*** if you want to see some of my other street style photos from nyfw, check out my facebook page!

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