25 September, 2011

greetings from the suburbs!

i'm sorry that it's been a little bit quiet on the blog, here....

i'm currently holed up in a hotel room in andover, massachusetts, where i am trying out this sort of suburban life where you drive a car to work, and leave at 5 pm.

it's a strange, and foreign concept ;)

of course, the car rental place gave me the most enormous suv, so that i can really get a taste of what it's like to be a suburban soccer mom...

i must admit, i really enjoyed my trip to whole foods, where i stocked up on more beverages that a person could possibly drink in two weeks time.

which is how long i'm here.

i'm working with a small shoe company that is based in andover, where we are working together to design their fall 2012 line. the people are super nice, and it's fun to work with them to put together the line....

here's a super sneak peek at the design process, from my desk:

sorry for the low quality images.... they're from my iphone.

it's been a nice first week, although i must admit, i'm getting a bit homesick.

however, i've never had such a great view from my work room in nyc:

maybe i could be converted away from being a city girl, after all??

mmmm.... probably not. but it's nice to have a little break ;)

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