27 June, 2011

give away! give away! give away!

good morning! in order to help ease any cases of the mondays....

i am very excited today to announce this blog's very first giveaway!

as some of you know, i recently did an article for slow fashioned about mordechai alvow's salon and product line, called yarok. the line is all natural, and uses a ton of organic ingredients.

most of the products focus on the protective and healing qualities of oils, which have been keeping my hair healthy and shiny since i first met mordechai.

while i'm keeping my promise not to turn this into a beauty blog.... yarok and i did want to share the love with a giveaway:

this full sized bottle of yarok's feed your shine will go to the winner!

here's what you need to do:

step 1- get excited!

step 2- go to the is it the first facebook page and "like" it!

step 3- leave a comment, below and let me know you'd like to be entered into the contest.

i'll be selecting a winner at random on friday afternoon.

good luck!


  1. I'd like to be entered! :-)

  2. Anonymous27 June, 2011

    My hair is DYING for this! As a fashion blogger myself, www.sothentheysay.com, I keep spending my $$ on clothes and shoes and my poor hair has been left in the dust! This Yarok product would definitely bring it back to life. I would LOVE to be entered.


  3. I liked it and "shared" it! ;-)
    i would love love love this shine product.

  4. i am VERY excited about this product and would love to be entered in your very first giveaway contest!

  5. Yes, please. Can it cure my baby bangs?

  6. This product sounds AMAZING (and thus, Step 1 is complete)! I would love very much to be entered in your contest! (Thanks to Rhianna for the "share", too!)

  7. I won't say no to shiny hair.

  8. Can my poor French hair also be entered in you contest? ;)

  9. I would like to be entered! my poor overprocessed hair could use some shine :)