03 May, 2011

couldn't resist

i wasn't going to say anything about the looks at the met costume ball last night...

but i think i will.

category one-
i know it's hard to find the right shoes for a ball. but try harder

sofia, your feet are plenty big already. why exaggerate?

ditto, above.

opposite problem. it's the shoes that are too big here.


ms meester excels at making her own legs look shorter.

this photo might be better in the second category.


same general problem as sofia & mila. but with more terrible calves.

category two-

it was nice of the royal family to donate their curtains, 
but i liked what you did with kate's dress much more.

props on the mcqueen, but i'm not feelin it.

it's so hard to pull attention away from her amazing smile, but.... 
apparently possible.

tom! how could you let this happen!??

i think you got lost. here's your map.

this is just wrong. looks good.
totally inappropriate for the occasion.

shalom! it means "goodbye" too, right?

oh doll. i love you, but... too floaty. 
not enough wiggle.

category three-
yah! is goot:

...and elson translates to "do no wrong", right?

love the contrast between sorta sweet hair and sophisticated dress.
and the bum, obviously.

this is how to do a shoe! and a leg! and a hair!
and a lip! and a waist!


oh fun!! fun! i wanna hang out. k?

and this is also how to do a shoe!
(couple of points deducted for not so flattering dress for the legs.)

category four-
bam. nailed it:

amaaaaazing. love love love the hair.
the arm. the skirt.

hands down favorite. this girl is seriously growing on me.
the necklaces totally clinches it.


name of the game. right. on.
i wasn't trying to be rude in the last post.
the goal has been achieved.

other thoughts?


  1. I was surprised at myself for liking Diane Kruger a LOT.
    I think another category could be Boring. There were so many blah dresses (Gwyneth, SJP) on a night when it's all about wow.

  2. yes, that's a great fifth category.... but a LARGE one. too many to list!