11 April, 2011

we can re-blog it!

yeah. me n kat are definitely blogger bffs.

as you guys may remember, she recently started the fun and inspiring blog we can re-do it.

she's been asking me for a while to do a posting for it, but i was intimidated by her mad upcycling skills. however, i finally took the plunge, and gave it a try. with pretty good results!

you can check out the saga, as well as a lot of photos of my feet, here.



  1. So awesome! I couldn't have asked for a better inauguration of the guest feature. Also, "what i promised" is probably my favorite tag EVER. Hilarious...and true! :)

  2. it keeps me honest! i find that as long as i promise a project to SOMEONE, it gets done. otherwise, if it is only in my head, it's too easy to let it go entirely....