12 April, 2011


although i grew up in philadelphia, i hardly ever have the chance to visit anymore.

last weekend, my husband and i were there so that we could attend the opening reception at a gallery that is showing my dad's artwork.

one of the great things about the town is that there is such a range of architectural styles. the two photos were taken within a block or so of each other, and reflect such different genres of americana.

speaking of architecture.... the gallery is owned by a local architect, who has his own office in the back of the building. the space was such a nice combination of a newer aesthetic and the very old elements of a very old building:

this is me, in the bathroom.

various measuring sticks made the small hallway between the gallery & office more visually appealing.

the opening was a great success- the place was packed! it was fun to see lots of old family friends....

saturday was a beautiful day....

my husband, mother and i went to the philadelphia art museum, which is a gorgeous building...

... and had a delicious (and very pink) lunch at granite hill restaurant, in the museum.

and collected the above examples of even more architectural styles and combos on the walk back to my parents house....

philly is a super fun town, and has lots of art and (obviously) architectural things to explore... it's totally worth checking out the scene over a spring weekend.

oh, and i didn't even mention the number of great restaurants. send me an email if you go, and i'll give you a list of my favorites!

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  1. I've never been to Philly, but this post makes me want to go!