01 April, 2011

end of an era

it has been reported today that kari sigerson and miranda morrison will no longer design or work for their brand sigerson morrison.

their business was one of the reasons that i was inspired to become a footwear designer, and i had a chance to meet these two fun and amazing women about a year and a half ago. 

they are a truly brilliant team, very smart and sophisticated designers and funny, generous and personable ladies as well. 

they had sold their brand to the marc fisher group a number of years ago, and i know they had had a difficult time making that collaboration work.

it sounds like it has come to a not-so-happy ending, and i think that's quite sad. it's unfortunate that they will have to see sub-standard designs being sold under their own names. there is no chance that the marc fisher group will be able to maintain the integrity of the line without these two.

here's hoping that they'll be back with a new and much more fantastic line soon.

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