31 March, 2011

love story....

one of my favorite nyc pass times is:

watching teenagers on the subway.


  1. omg. i love this. did they know you were taking their photo?

  2. i don't think they did....
    the photos were taken on my iphone, and i had literally been sitting in the same spot, holding my phone the same way, while reading a book on it. i suddenly realized that i'll i'd have to do was change the phone's function to camera, and i could easily take a few shots of them.
    i didn't realize until later that the girl was looking in my direction in the first frame. but i am pretty sure it's a coincidence... i've had people on the train realize that i'm taking their photo in the past, and it's pretty obvious from their behavior afterward that they know. she seemed really comfy in the next few frames, so i'm pretty sure she didn't know that i was stealing her soul ;)