19 April, 2011

addressing the subject

i design shoes.

that's my gig.

i don't design clothing.

that's not my gig. i never studied apparel design, i don't know much about it. i'm pretty comfy with that.

however, a number of years ago, i worked for a designer who shall remain nameless. she, apparently was not comfy with that, and decided that i could design (or re-design) clothing.

so, she gave me the responsibility of re-designing the seasonless "key items" that had been great sellers in the past.

that makes sense, right? since they were great sellers, it is probably best to entrust the only person on your design staff who knows nothing about apparel to re-design them. right?

wrong. obviously.

and i now have photographic evidence:

yesterday, i spied one of the only dresses i've ever "designed" on the website of a high-end consignment store in brooklyn.

i'd almost entirely forgotten about this badly conceived part of my design career. but here it was, back in my face, with hilarious results!

honestly, i think this dress is butt-ugly not so pretty. i'm glad that someone thought it was nice enough to slap down some cash for it. perhaps someone will take it home and love it a second time. i hope so.

but mostly i am just laughing at the reminder of the fact that...

i am definitely not an apparel designer.


(omg! what if i see someone in my neighborhood wearing it, this spring!?)

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  1. This totally made me laugh. I love that the dress is still popping up!