03 March, 2011

color blocking

i've never been a huge fan of color blocking... every way that it's ever been presented has always struck me as super mod-sixties. twiggy, penelope tree, paper and plastic dresses... all make for really fun and cute photos. but i've never really found a way to incorporate those looks into anything that ever really feel up to date, or modern....

until this spring. you may have noticed that bright colors are cropping up all over the place, and i'm happy to say that there are lots of way that color blocking looks are used to an effect that is blissfully free of mondrian references!

there were a couple of photos in yesterday's post that illustrate this...

and another one that showed up in my mailbox this morning:

i think the cover of the urban outfitters spring catalogue does such a great job at showing really wearable versions of this trend.

ok, so! now that i'm finally down with this whole colorblocking thing.... 








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