11 March, 2011


coincidentally, i had planned to write about japan here today before i woke up, and heard about the terrible earthquake and tsunami.

yesterday, i had time to kill in manhattan, and found myself at hiroko's place in soho. i was so happy to find it, because it is such a good replica of a lot of the cute, tiny little restaurants and cafes in tokyo.

i feel very lucky to have been able to visit tokyo a couple of times in the year, and am very much looking forward to going back.

i haven't had the opportunity to visit any other parts of the country, but today, i am certainly thinking about those places and the folks affected by yesterday's events.

so, it is with reverence and condolences that i write this today, thinking about the incredible culture in japan. it truly is a lovely country.

if you've never been to tokyo, and want to check out a blog that captures much of what i love about the city, check out hello sandwich. it's a beautiful little blog.

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