17 February, 2011


a had an appointment at f.i.t. today, and i wound up getting there a little bit early.

after spending a few minutes in the bookstore, realizing that this was a perfect time to stock up on some of those things that i need to mend and spruce up my wardrobe (like replacement hooks and eyes and.... for a fun activity.... fabric dye!), i realized that i was at f.i.t. which is where the "japan fashion now" exhibit is! which i've been meaning to go to for weeks!

so, i went there, and saw that. and i really enjoyed it.

unfortunately, the museum at f.i.t. doesn't have a whole lot of space, so their exhibits (while good) are usually small. this seems particularly unfortunate for this one, but what they did show was really great.

it was a really nice transition from the first part of the exhibit- which was focused on the much more craft-oriented looks, through to the completely crazy and manga-inspired (and inspiring, i'm sure) looks of the lolitas and gothic lolitas.

i wasn't supposed to take pictures, but... lucky for you, i did:

the blue cyber-schoolgirl-space look above was one of my favorites...

if you're in nyc, and have 30 minutes to spare, i highly recommend it.

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