14 December, 2010

moonspoon saloon

the first award in my official end-of-2010 random award celebration of stuff:

winner of.... best name of a brand, in fashion.

btw. it seems like a lot of you like to read this blog after i post the links on twitter. well, i really like that too. however, twitter does not seem to know who i am right now (possibly owing to the fact that i have been in china proper, and hong kong. and maybe due to the fact that someone in the ukraine has tried to log into my facebook. maybe they successfully are tweeting as me, and keeping you updated on "the most beautiful and melodious language in the world after italian". considering that it's know to be a country of "beautiful women, great history, survivals and traditions", perhaps i should be happy to be aligned with it, if only in this small way.

anyhow, if you do like reading my blog posts after i post the links on twitter, why not take this opportunity to add me to your google reader/ rss feed/ daily meanderings/ whathaveyou? that way, the ukrainians won't get in your way, when they take over the internet, and anything else.

or, just wait till i get back to nyc, and let me do all the work.


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