08 November, 2010

random monday...

here's a list of searches done by people on yandex.ru (the google of russia) that have brought readers to this here blog:

"the last few years"
"the things i've written here"
"a person who thinks a lot"*
"whaaat why are you"

here's one search that someone did on the actual google that brought them to this here blog:

"texas board of law examiners"

by the way.... yandex is the site that refers people to this blog more frequently than any others.


all of that is surprising.

*glad to know that the russians know better than many americans that "alot" is not a word

on a totally separate note.... i had a really pretty crappy day at work today, and tried tried tried to perform a little retail therapy on 34th street on the way to meet a friend for a drink.

i couldn't find one god damned thing at zara or h&m to make me feel even slightly better.

the world is really interesting.


here's the first result for a google image search of "whaaat why are you"

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