07 November, 2010

after halloween, in the usa.... it's pretty much xmas time

every year, just after halloween, i am reminded that, according to the ruler of my emotional calendar (retail windows)...

it's just about christmas time.

obviously, that's not exactly true, but it is early enough for me to start getting seriously excited about our plans for the holidays....

i'll be spending both christmas and new year's here:

at our own house on the island of moloka'i, in hawaii.

(did you notice that it's on the water!?)

we made these plans ages ago, but i kind of forgot about it until now, and am really enjoying starting to plan and get excited for the trip. i've been to hawaii a few times before, but never to this particular island. 

it's supposed to be great, and quite undeveloped, unlike many of the other islands.

so far, the plans are to lounge around on the beach, drive around in a jeep, and ride some horses. any other ideas? has anyone ever been there?

and, does anyone have any great suggestions for a new bikini?


  1. How awesome!

    Have you read this book? http://www.amazon.com/Molokai-Alan-Brennert/dp/0312304358
    It's historical fiction, but it gives so much information about the history of the island, and it's a fascinating story.
    (That PW synopsis kind of gives away the whole plot...that's annoying)

    I've been so interested in visiting Moloka'i since reading that book. And WOW that house looks amazing. :-) You'll have a great time.

  2. oh gosh, just re-read this, and realized that it might sound like we OWN this house on moloka'i. no such luck.
    we be renting it for a week....