18 November, 2010

liquid gold*

i know that every beauty writer on earth has already sung the praises of philip b's russian amber shampoo.

but the thing is- those ladies don't have such a great track record. every month (or more) they are going on and on about a product that will "change your life". i've always been offended by the phrase.

really? a solution in a jar is going to change my life?

ok. today, philip b russian amber shampoo changed my life.

it's incredible.

i've never had hair that i liked by the end of the day. never.  and today, after simply washing, conditioning and blow drying my hair (no product), and after sitting in my no-moving air office for 10.5 hours today...

my hair looks GOOD.

it's an absolutely fortune to pay for shampoo, but for those of you who pretty much hate your hair by 4:30 everyday.... i'd say it's worth a shot.

*btw- calling this stuff "liquid" is taking serious poetic license. it's more or less the consistency of... honey. which feels weird smearing it all over your scalp. but worth it. so worth it!

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