30 November, 2010

body image

(i am actually eating potato chips while i write this.)

while doing some research at work today, we came across this amazing bathing suit.

and it lead us to find a number of others (here) that are almost as terrific:

i really really wish that i could bring the first one to hawaii with me for the holidays, but i can tell just by looking at them that these won't fit me.

while i usually totally enjoy being tall, one piece bathing suits are always the enemy. if it doesn't come in tall, it'll be sort of pornographic on me.

so! for those of you 5'6" and under. order up! and post photos!

1 comment:

  1. I KNOW! I hate that one piece bathing suits are back in style because I want one, but I just can't wear them! And those ones really are amazing.