12 June, 2010

lackluster results

i promised to show you the blue sparkly shoes, as soon as they returned to me from the shoe repair.

i must admit that i was a bit remiss. it's been a big week- i turned 35 and became an aunt!

so, i'm hoping that my tardiness will be forgiven... especially when you see what i have to report.


the shoes look amazing, for sure. i wore them to work during market week, and got a lot of compliments from buyers...

the only problem is that they're a total disaster to walk in. almost dead impossible.

some of you who are designers, or just highly sensible individuals may see that the upper poses a bit of a problem on their own...

but additionally, the heels are not attached very well, and are super duper wobbly. no good for a walking city girl, like me...

i think i'll hold on to them for a while, and see if i can get away with wearing them to an event or two before we part ways. but...

a bit of a fashion fail, on my part.

it happens.

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