16 April, 2010


because of my last post, and a conversation i had last night over a drink with an old friend...

i am thinking a lot about the difference between east and west coast.

and, specifically, the difference between la style and nyc style.

because of daily candy, i was looking at the scarves & jewelry made by a peace treaty...

and i found two images that sort of encapsulated the difference to me:

they're both slightly hippish, casual scarves, and obviously the styling of the two models is different. but i think it's exactly how you see a trend (like hippish scarves) translated to work for the specific market.

if i had a bit more time, i'd also find a photo from europe of this trend, to show a third way that it can be interpreted.

i think it's the way in which we all still get to keep a bit of our cultural identity (based on location, heritage, etc), in the face of what is becoming more and more global in fashion styling.

am i making sense?

on a totally separate note...

i am obsessed with this ring, also from the peace treaty site. isn't it awesome?

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